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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use faucet to fund a Kadena account. You can either fund an existing account or create and fund a new account all in one flow.

Before you start using Faucet, you'll need to generate a key pair which you can do one of two ways. You can use our Chainweb tool and click on Generate KeyPair to create an individual key pair, or you can use Chainweaver to download a wallet and use it to generate a key pair.

To create keys and accounts in your Chainweaver wallet: 1. Click Keys in the Chainweaver navigation panel.You'll see that a public key has already been generated for your account. 2. Click Add k: Account. Under Balance (KDA), notice that the account displays Does not exist. In Kadena, keys are used to sign transactions but they don't hold funds to pay transaction fees. Keys must be linked to an authorization account—a guardian or guard—that holds funds and identifies who can sign transactions and transfer funds.

You can choose the Network in the top navigation bar between the default "Testnet" and "Mainnet" initially. You also have the option to add a custom network (like the local devnet) and you have the instructions on how to to that HERE. Choosing the chain is connected to the available operations that you can perform and you'll have the option available when doing one

Latest Updates

Changelog with the latest updates to the Kadena Development Tools.

January 31, 2024Released version 1.2 of the Tools Website, including the Transactions module, which has a Cross Chain Transfer Tracker & Cross Chain Transfer Finisher.
November 30, 2023Initial release of the Tools Website, including the Faucet module.